In addition to your kitchens, we provide the virtual kitchen experience enriched with relevant customer journey information. An additional touchpoint with unique experience in the buyer and usage journey.

Unique traffic, conversion and retention approach

1. Try before you buy   2. Tell & Sell   3. Digital measuring tape 4. Living proposal  5. PreDelivery Experience  6. Tips during Usage  7. Cleaning & Maintenance

7 marketing and sales empowerment steps

1. Try before they buy

Connect your kitchenbook to your online showroom and get insights

Make your brochures, kitchenbook and other print alive and interactive.  Let customers unlock your entire inventory of kitchens to try at home through a scan of your marketing collateral.  Connect your offline marketing to your online showrooms and close the purchasing loop.

2. Tell & Sell

Surprise, impress and convince with the visualisation experience

Tell the story related to the kitchen and all elements of the kitchen.

Opportunities for household appliances vendors and kitchen accessories vendors to differentiate. Basic information of 3 million household appliances are available and 3D models starting to grow fast.

3. Digital measuring

3D scan and / or automatic digital measuring like a measuring tape.

Measuring is always a challenge. Accurrancy and timing is a challenge. This problem is solved with the 3D scan and digital measuring tape. http://See also Dutch blog.

4. Living proposal

Interactive proposal, let the customer experience  their dream kitchen

It is difficult for the customer to ensure that nothing has been forgotten in the kitchen design and describe the design of the kitchen to others.

5. Pre delivery experience

Let the household enjoy, experience and share their dream kitchen

After the decision is made they will share their dream kitchen with with friends and family.

6. Usage & Enjoy tips

Easy usage tips and tricks from kitchen, appliances and accessories

All information of your kitchen in one touch. Personalized overview of your household appliance warranties, manuals, invoices and more. Usage tips and tricks for the kitchen, appliances and accessories. For more information please visit

7. Cleaning & Maintenance

Optimal cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks

Partner information for personalized cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks will follow soon!

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